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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I apply for boarding at the Hillside dormitory?
Dormitory boarding is arranged through the admissions office.

Q- Am I required to stay in the dormitories while enrolled?
Unaccompanied first semester students at Saba University are expected to live in one of the dormitories.

Q- Who collects the dormitory expenses and when are they due?
Fees are payable to and collected by dormitory management. The fee is due upon arrival on Saba or can be transferred beforehand to our US account. For additional dormitory information please contact

Q- What is the cost to stay in the Hillside Saba dormitory?
Hillside Dorm Single $2,450.00
Hillside Dorm Security Deposit $150.00
Hillside Dorm Electricity Charge $150.00
Hillside Dorm Water Charge $150
Grand total $2900

Dormitory rates listed herein are effective September 1, 2015 and are subject to change as deemed necessary.

Q- What is included with the dormitory rate?
The dormitory rate includes electricity and water.

Q- What are the dormitories equipped with?
Dorm rooms are fully equipped with beds, private baths, closets, air conditioning, refrigerators, microwaves, desks, chairs and lamps. Pay-per-use laundry facilities are located on the premises.

Q- How do I arrange to move in to the dorms?
Go to forms, download, print, and fill out "lease". Attach copy of passport to the lease and bring this to Hillside on your scheduled check in date. Failure to do so will result in delays at check in.

Q- Who owns the Hillside dormitories?
Consistent with the university's commitment to supporting the broader Saba community, these dormitories are owned by Saba residents.

Q- How many students share each dormitory?
The quads are shared between 4 occupants, each with their own private room and shared bathroom with one roommate.

Q- I have more questions, where can I get the answers?
For additional dormitory information please contact the Dorm Manager, Gabriella Granger
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